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(~10 hours flight time)
€2.00 Log in first
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€20.00 Log in first
What is GeoFS Premium?

Fly higher quality aircraft and enjoy extra features while helping financing GeoFS development. When flying GeoFS Premium, you get:

  • A growing collection of high quality aircraft (high res models, advanced shading, 3D instruments)
  • Real-time global commercial traffic *
  • No ads *
* for paid GeoFS Premium Fuel only
How much does it cost?

Everyone gets 17 liters (10 min flight time) of free GeoFS Premium Jet Fuel every day (increased by the hour) but if you need more, you can purchase Premium Jet Fuel using PayPal in the table to the right.

How does it work?
  • You need Premium fuel to fly Premium GeoFS features
  • GeoFS Premium Jet Fuel is only consumed when flying Premium aircraft at the constant** rate of 1.7 liters per minute.
  • As long as you have Premium fuel or a subscription running, you will get all the new Premium content (aircraft and feature) as it is added to GeoFS
** does not take engine on/off, throttle setting and aircraft type into account