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School License

GeoFS for Schools is a safe and private space for students to learn to fly together or with their teacher/instructor. The school license offers:

  • All standard GeoFS features without public user generated content (community contributed aircraft, public chat and multiplayer, etc.).
  • A private multiplayer session: all students from the same school can see each other in flight, chat and will be registering on the navigation map.
  • A shared controls mode with master/slave operation: instructor and student can fly the same plane and swap controls in flight.
  • An admnistration page for teachers/instrutors to manage students accounts
  • No ads
  • GeoFS for Schools with standard resolution images: 10€ per year per student
  • GeoFS for Schools with HD images: 20€ per year per student

For more information, to get a quotation or to activate a school license, please send an email to